Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bathroom Stalls

I went into work today to catch up on some things that I needed to do. No one else was in the office, just me, the entire floor was empty except for my typing little fingers. Nature called and I went into the bathroom which normally has at least one other person in it and it struck me as I entered my 'normal' stall... why do I always go to this stall? What is it about this one particular bathroom stall that feels, dare I say, Welcoming? I do believe that we are all creatures of habit, whether we realize it or not. Do you park in the same parking spot every day? Do you order the same thing at a certain restraunt? While grocery shopping do you take the same route every time? Do You take the same route driving even though you know you could shave off at least five minutes going a different way? What is it that makes us do this? I try to kid myself and rationalize that its better that way; I won't forget where I parked, or I won't forget that item in the store. But really, its because its easy to do, there is nothing challenging or uncomfortable about knowing exactly what way you are going to proceed with a certain activity. I am certainly a non-rule breaker, a person that makes lists and lists of lists, plans and overplans the things that I can and fret over most of the things that I can't make a list or plan for. So, after a little while at work nature called again, I forced myself to go to a different stall, it was weird, it felt like I was out of place and I felt like I didn't have all I needed (i.e. toilet and toilet paper) but I did, they were just in a different place... and after I was done I realized that really the different stall wasn't so bad, it was just DIFFERENT.... So today, for all of my fellow planners, those that have your certain parking spot, grocery store route or restraunt order- reach, stretch and challenge yourself to switch it up a bit, you might find that things are better a different way... Change your bathroom stall. Have a great weekend! H