Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Worth it

I made this, this past weekend.. its kind of wonky but it feels right. We are all a little off, a little broken and misshapen, the world makes us this way. Giving us heartaches and leaving us with unanswered questions. It's hard to have faith sometimes, especially when you are angry and confused.

He never said it would be easy but it would be worth it...

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Making Room

We were driving down the road the other day and Lexi pointed out all the birds on the power lines, there had to be at least a hundred just perched on the lines as content as can be. Surrounding them were probably 10-15 more birds flying around, and when one of them needed to land all the other birds perched on the lines would scoot over. They would make room for that bird who needed to rest. Lexi thought that was the coolest thing and said "Mommy those birds are being so nice and thoughtful scooting over for the other birdies!"

Why can't we all be like these birds? Why can't we all scoot over, just a little, to make room for those around us who need to rest?

I fear we are too hard and callous and self absorbed to not even notice when someone appears to need some time just resting.

 My challenge to you today is to slow down. Notice others. Listen, not only with your ears, but with your heart. Pay attention to not only the words they are saying, but the words they aren't saying, look at their body language and if YOU feel like something isn't quite right... offer them some rest. Offer to be that sounding board they may need, offer a hug, offer some coffee, let them know that if they need a safe place to rest, you will happily scoot over and share what you have.

Let's take a lesson from the birds and scoot over and make room for others...


Friday, November 6, 2015

A little Bing in November

I'm already in full "ready for Christmas" mode. Yes, I know that it is still the first week of November, but really, I've always been a fan for the way Christmas makes me feel.

I was really afraid that I would never get back to this point. I know that the holiday season will always feel a little bittersweet, but I can honestly say that this year I'm ready for the holly jolly moments, putting up the tree and celebrating with my family.

So, please excuse me while I jam out to some Bing Crosby singing White Christmas. I'm enjoying the fact that I've found my way back to being able to fully enjoy it.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Never let me forget - Frozen addition

Today Lexi and I went on a surprise mommy daughter date with friends. We went and say Frozen on Ice. Neither of the girls knew where we were going until we walked into the Sprint Center. IT WAS AMAZING!!

Never let me forget the look of wonderment on Lexi's face when the snow started to fall.

Never let me forget Lexi dancing and singing along with nearly every song.

Never let me forget the giggles from the back of the car on the way to and from Frozen.

Never let me forget that Lexi wanted to buy a best friends necklace and gave me the other half of the heart.

Never let me forget that she got a little upset when I told her that she wasn't going to school -- she wanted to go to gym class.

Never let me forget about a friend that has stuck by my side even when it was really hard, she accepted an apology that was extremely overdue and is continually putting so much effort into our friendship -- and I get to do this Mom thing with her.

Off to put Miss Lexi to sleep after a very full day!

What are things that you never want to forget?

Crumbling walls

What do you do? When the walls that you've built up around you begin to crumble? Do you rebuild them? Do you stop and wonder why they are there? Why did you build these walls? Were they for 'protection'? Did you feel safer knowing that these  walls were there? What purpose do these walls serve? And maybe the most important question is do you still feel like those walls belong?

I'd like to say that I don't have walls built up, but I do.. I think everyone does.At one time or another you felt hurt and scared and built the walls because you really had no idea what else to do. Over time the walls started to become part of your foundation. Part of 'who you are'... I'm only saying this because I know its true for me.

I don't know exactly why those walls are still up, and honestly I don't know what happened to make me build them. The hurt and pain have moved on, or I've found my new normal and so it doesn't hurt so much that I feel I need protection. But what is interesting is when someone bumps up against this wall you feel it, like really deep down, in your heart of hearts FEEL that they've hit this barrier. You can't let them any closer, they can't penetrate the wall! (even if you want them to)

Self protection is an interesting concept.

 I'd like to hope, think, pray that the walls that we've all built will one day fall apart. That we don't feel we have to protect ourselves from others. In a world where there is no intentional hurt and the word sorry is commonly said and that it actually means something.

Challenge: Allow your walls to crumble a little. Test it out. See if the tiny cracks that are formed hurt or if they allow you to feel something you haven't felt in a long time, maybe that feeling is good. If you have to, rebuild, reinforce and put up big shiney lights so others won't bump into your walls, but hopefully you'll find that some of these cracks are okay to have.
My walls have cracks that I don't think I'm going to fix... perfect walls don't mean anything if you can't feel anything.


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Finding your place

You hear all the time about finding your place in the world. I've always thought that when you reach this place that you'd know. Deep down in some secret place you would feel calm with everything and KNOW that you had made it.

I don't know that I've ever really 'found my place' in this world - should I be worried? I have a very strong belief that I have discovered, by way of heartbreak, part of my purpose in this world, but deep down I don't feel like its my only purpose or where my 'place' is.

That got me thinking - what if that 'place' is a constant moving target? What if one day you can feel all settled, warm and cozy knowing you've found it and the next day its gone? I would be beyond depressed! Because I mean, I WAS THERE!!! But, what if each step we take leads us closer or maybe further from where our current place should be? How scary, yet how exciting?!

I think that striving to always be at the top of your game and finding your place is great motivation... I just wonder if the constant running towards what we think is our place is really keeping us from living in the brief moments when where we and where our 'place' is are the exact same spot.

We move around this world at lightening speed, going from meeting to meeting, activity to activity, putting focus on things that possibly aren't all that important. We are rarely slowing down to take a breather and take stock in ourselves. Figuring out where my place in this world is hard work, exhausting at times and exhilarating at others and I hope, sometimes that I can slow down enough to feel that for a moment I am standing in the same spot as my 'place' is.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Never let me forget

The past couple of weeks Lexi has been so funny with some of the things that she has been saying - I'm putting them on here to allow others to enjoy our funny little girl -

In the middle of the night a storm came through, lightening and thunder, the whole shebang.. Lexi comes and snuggles into bed to ride it out - as its calming a bit this is the interaction:
L - "Mom, do you know who is controlling the storm?"
Me - "No, who"
L - God and Amen
Me - What? Who? Who is Amen?
L - You know, Amen!!
Me - No bug, I'm don't know who you are talking about.
L - You know, when we pray, we start out Dear God and we always end saying Amen..... Amen, he's helping God control the storm!
Me - Oh bug, Amen is not a person -
L - YES HE IS! He is helping God control the storm!!

A couple of days later I was picking Lexi up from daycare - It was hot, but I drove with the windows down and the air off. Once she got in the car, she asked if we could turn the cold air on.. I said sure no problem. I rolled up the windows and turned the air conditioning on, of course it was blowing hot air so I rolled my window down to let it blow out. Lexi asked why I rolled the window down and I explained that sometimes when we turn the air on it blows out hot air before the cold air and I was making sure the hot air would get out of the car. She practically screams at me to roll up my window...  She explains, 'Mom!! When cold air and hot air get together it makes a tornado! Hurry up, roll up your window I don't want a tornado!!!"

Hope you got some laughs out of those! More to come, I'm sure! What is something that your kiddos said that made you laugh?!?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mama Bird

I see you Mama bird, taking care of your chicks. The moment you land in front of the bird house there is all sorts of squaking at you, I’m sure those squaks are all saying “I’m hungry, Feed me”. You dutifully give up the worm you just spent the last ten minutes trying to catch to make sure your chicks are well fed and happy. You fly off again, I’m assuming to catch something else to feed your babies, because that’s what us Mama’s do, we take care of those who need it.

I hear you Mama bird, tweeting, twittering and squaking at your babies - warning them of the danger that is outside. You are on a tree limb and a Blue Jay is in between you and your chicks, on top of the play set, mearly feet from the bird house that holds your precious babes. You alternate squaking at the bird house and the Blue Jay - obviously I don't know what you are saying, but it is urgent, frantic even and THAT I understand. The heartwrenching pain your mama heart gets when you have little to no control over what may happen with your littles. Feeling that the world is spinning at your feet and you alternate between praying that God will save them from harm and yelling/screaming at whoever might listen to help you.

Thankfully that Blue Jay flys away, babes untouched and safe as can be. You return to the bird house, its quiet as you approach, your chicks heard you "be quiet, there is danger" - but with one little tweet from you the bird house explodes with loud tweets and twitters and squaks, your littles are glad you are there, that same sound that just 30 minutes ago reminded you that this Mama task was hard and demanding has just reminded you that this Mama task is oh so worth it.

Its been a struggle these past few weeks with bigger than life attitudes, talking back, time outs and having earlier bed times..Thank you mama bird for reminding me that no matter how stressful this Mama task can be, that it is worth it. Reminding me that those  squaks, tweets, and chirps are a gift from God - Totally makes it worth the long hours, going from here to there, always on constant alarm to make sure all is right in their world.

Rest easy Mama bird, you've got this!

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Never let me forget

Today is the mister and I's anniversary. 11 years married. Seems almost like yesterday and fifty years ago at the same time. Anniversaries, birthdays, new babies, the passing of loved ones always makes me feel like reminiscing.

I've had a pretty great life, thus far... God willing I'll have a ton more to live, but I feel fulfilled when I look back. But I'm afraid I'm missing things. Like I've forgot some great memories that could help keep my reminiscing cup overflowing. So today, I'm going to start off a list of "never let me forget"s... to serve as reminders of great moments.

Never Let me Forget

What it feels like to lay in bed being the meat of a Heather sandwich. The mister on one side and Miss Lexi on the other. I may be sweating, but I'm surrounded by LOVE.

What my dad's voice sounds like when he's telling a story about when he grew up. How is eyes crinkle when he smiles and his laugh resonates through the house.

How my sister, Laura, and I can laugh at the same thing over and over again, half of it is because we are usually so sleep deprived we are giggly messes and the other part is that we have the same sense of humor.

How our neighbor, Mister Ed, is always more than happy to cut off all the blooms on his roses just to see Lexi smile.

How the excitement of a camping trip makes me feel like I'm 10 years old again.

That last night, I sat on the couch with the mister and we told each other Happy Anniversary, just in case we forgot today and we both laughed at how our expectations for our marriage have changed so drastically in 11 years.H- "Oh by the way, I didn't get you anything." J-"Yeah, me neither... But if you want something I'll go get it." H-"Nope... because then I'll feel guilty" J-" So,Happy early Anniversary" H-"You too."

There will be more of these. Serving as reminders that life is a roller coaster and we need to celebrate what we can, when we can.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The ever persistent earthworm

Today is a rainy day here in Kansas. Its been raining on and off for the past couple of days... good long soaking spring days. I know that many tire quickly from the rain; it is not often enjoyable to go on long walks in the park while its raining, I don't know of many people that would choose to sit on a patio to eat dinner in the rain. Today, the rain showed me something - the definition of persistance.

According to the interwebs, persistence is a noun and means "
firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition".


Today I was walking along the sidewalk and glanced down to find an earthworm slowly climbing out of the wet ground onto the concrete. It got me thinking. How long had he been moving, inching his way to get to the surface? Did he start the moment the ground around him became damp? Did he have to struggle through layers and layers of dry dirt, damp dirt and then the thickest of all mud? Why did he do this? To survivie... in order for him to survive he traveled a long, hard journey.  It gave me a flashback: In the flood of 1993 I remember going out with my family to look at the damage the flood was doing to areas around our home. The river had overrun its banks and had taken a new path right over a main road between our small town and the next. As we walked up to where this new path of water was raging we noticed hundreds of earthworms, all at the edge of the water, slowly inching away from the torrential current of the river. I had never seen anything like it before or since.


Those earthworms could be the picture child of the word persistence. Right next to the word in the Webster dictionary. I'm serious. Think about how hard they work, how many obstacles they have overcome in order to live another day. I don't believe that they do it to impress other earthworms, they do it, because its what has to be done.


Over the past year I've learned that persistence is a trait that I have become to admire and strive to have. Doing something with purpose, no matter what difficulty or obstacle you face, because its what you feel is right, its what you feel has to be done. Its not to win a popularity contest, or to win over that person you are trying to impress. Its being authentic with yourself and others, working towards a goal with purpose.


Slowly I'm inching and edging my way there... I really think I'm only in the part of the dirt that is just damp, I've got some harder dirt to move and I'm sure that I'll get stuck more than a couple of times in the mud, but it will be worth it. On that day that persistence is part of my personality traits I'll be able to smile in the sun. Sure I'll be dirty and muddy and may be laying on the ground, but I will also be proud and triumphant and able to breathe!


I guess what I'm saying is that no matter how hard life is to get through some days, being persistant and working through the mud is far better than staying put and suffocating.


When the world starts raining on your dirt pile, be the ever persistant earthworm.


Monday, March 16, 2015


Last week little miss priss brought home a paper from school that said she had decided to be helpful by getting herself dressed in the mornings. This has been a huge struggle for us so lets say this all together - hallelujah... HALLELUJAH!

The outfits she has chosen have not been something that I would have picked out, but many many wise mothers have drilled into my head that I need to pick my battles (especially with a kiddo who is super duper headstrong)... anyway, getting back to the outfits I mean seriously, stripes and polka dots and all colors of the rainbow in one outfit, admittedly it makes me cringe, but then I stop - Looking at her she is radiant, not from her clothes but the confidence that she is exuding, from within. Its almost a confidence you can feel and taste - she is who she is, without question, hesitation or apology. Its awe inspiring and to stop and realize that it is coming from a 5 year old just BLOWS ME AWAY.

I'm thankful beyond words that she has this confidence. I'm thankful that she doesn't have a fear of judgement. I know that the years where she will second guess herself are coming. Creeping into her happy, carefree, confident spirit. I just hope and pray that those times when she does second guess herself, she chooses to be happy with who she is. I hope and pray that her confidence stays in moments of tough decision making, in moments of peer pressure and in moments when she is 15, staring in the mirror wondering if she is enough.

Baby girl, just remember that you are so special to so many people - The people who mind don't matter and the people who matter don't mind - Be yourself in everything you do.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bathroom Stalls

I went into work today to catch up on some things that I needed to do. No one else was in the office, just me, the entire floor was empty except for my typing little fingers. Nature called and I went into the bathroom which normally has at least one other person in it and it struck me as I entered my 'normal' stall... why do I always go to this stall? What is it about this one particular bathroom stall that feels, dare I say, Welcoming? I do believe that we are all creatures of habit, whether we realize it or not. Do you park in the same parking spot every day? Do you order the same thing at a certain restraunt? While grocery shopping do you take the same route every time? Do You take the same route driving even though you know you could shave off at least five minutes going a different way? What is it that makes us do this? I try to kid myself and rationalize that its better that way; I won't forget where I parked, or I won't forget that item in the store. But really, its because its easy to do, there is nothing challenging or uncomfortable about knowing exactly what way you are going to proceed with a certain activity. I am certainly a non-rule breaker, a person that makes lists and lists of lists, plans and overplans the things that I can and fret over most of the things that I can't make a list or plan for. So, after a little while at work nature called again, I forced myself to go to a different stall, it was weird, it felt like I was out of place and I felt like I didn't have all I needed (i.e. toilet and toilet paper) but I did, they were just in a different place... and after I was done I realized that really the different stall wasn't so bad, it was just DIFFERENT.... So today, for all of my fellow planners, those that have your certain parking spot, grocery store route or restraunt order- reach, stretch and challenge yourself to switch it up a bit, you might find that things are better a different way... Change your bathroom stall. Have a great weekend! H