Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Never let me forget

The past couple of weeks Lexi has been so funny with some of the things that she has been saying - I'm putting them on here to allow others to enjoy our funny little girl -

In the middle of the night a storm came through, lightening and thunder, the whole shebang.. Lexi comes and snuggles into bed to ride it out - as its calming a bit this is the interaction:
L - "Mom, do you know who is controlling the storm?"
Me - "No, who"
L - God and Amen
Me - What? Who? Who is Amen?
L - You know, Amen!!
Me - No bug, I'm don't know who you are talking about.
L - You know, when we pray, we start out Dear God and we always end saying Amen..... Amen, he's helping God control the storm!
Me - Oh bug, Amen is not a person -
L - YES HE IS! He is helping God control the storm!!

A couple of days later I was picking Lexi up from daycare - It was hot, but I drove with the windows down and the air off. Once she got in the car, she asked if we could turn the cold air on.. I said sure no problem. I rolled up the windows and turned the air conditioning on, of course it was blowing hot air so I rolled my window down to let it blow out. Lexi asked why I rolled the window down and I explained that sometimes when we turn the air on it blows out hot air before the cold air and I was making sure the hot air would get out of the car. She practically screams at me to roll up my window...  She explains, 'Mom!! When cold air and hot air get together it makes a tornado! Hurry up, roll up your window I don't want a tornado!!!"

Hope you got some laughs out of those! More to come, I'm sure! What is something that your kiddos said that made you laugh?!?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mama Bird

I see you Mama bird, taking care of your chicks. The moment you land in front of the bird house there is all sorts of squaking at you, I’m sure those squaks are all saying “I’m hungry, Feed me”. You dutifully give up the worm you just spent the last ten minutes trying to catch to make sure your chicks are well fed and happy. You fly off again, I’m assuming to catch something else to feed your babies, because that’s what us Mama’s do, we take care of those who need it.

I hear you Mama bird, tweeting, twittering and squaking at your babies - warning them of the danger that is outside. You are on a tree limb and a Blue Jay is in between you and your chicks, on top of the play set, mearly feet from the bird house that holds your precious babes. You alternate squaking at the bird house and the Blue Jay - obviously I don't know what you are saying, but it is urgent, frantic even and THAT I understand. The heartwrenching pain your mama heart gets when you have little to no control over what may happen with your littles. Feeling that the world is spinning at your feet and you alternate between praying that God will save them from harm and yelling/screaming at whoever might listen to help you.

Thankfully that Blue Jay flys away, babes untouched and safe as can be. You return to the bird house, its quiet as you approach, your chicks heard you "be quiet, there is danger" - but with one little tweet from you the bird house explodes with loud tweets and twitters and squaks, your littles are glad you are there, that same sound that just 30 minutes ago reminded you that this Mama task was hard and demanding has just reminded you that this Mama task is oh so worth it.

Its been a struggle these past few weeks with bigger than life attitudes, talking back, time outs and having earlier bed times..Thank you mama bird for reminding me that no matter how stressful this Mama task can be, that it is worth it. Reminding me that those  squaks, tweets, and chirps are a gift from God - Totally makes it worth the long hours, going from here to there, always on constant alarm to make sure all is right in their world.

Rest easy Mama bird, you've got this!

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