Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Being Intentional

I’m trying hard to be intentional in my life. I think its important to be intentional. Intentional in everything that I do. Paying extra attention to the words I say, how I say them, How I love my family, how I love my friends, how I make up for the things I’ve done wrong, how I ask for forgiveness to those that I’ve done wrong too. It’s a hard thing to admit that I haven’t been intentional in my ways recently. I’ve been moving along in this world letting things happen to me instead of letting me happen to things. Does that make any sense at all?

I wrote an apology letter to a friend this week. A long overdue apology. I messed up and pulled away from a friend when I was going through things and couldn’t get me kicked into gear when she was going through things.. I had not been intentional in trying to make the friendship last. I had not been intentional in making sure that she knew I was sorry. The letter wasn’t a fix it all kind of letter, because I know it takes time to mend broken hearts.

I’d like to be intentional in my marriage. Actively pursuing my husband, as in when we were dating. Finding the things that make my stomach go into butterflies and my heart to feel like it’s going to pound out of my chest. My goal is to make date nights a reality. NO MATTER WHAT. We’ve got into this routine of wake up, work, home, make dinner, watch a small amount of tv and sleep.. TOTALLY NOT INTENTIONAL LIVING! I ran across this blog the other day and I love the idea of the questions… The mister wasn’t so exciting, but I’m going to try it… Make sure that my husband gets the good side of me. I may be tired and worn out when I get home, but he is too. Why do I find it okay to allow him to get the grouchy side of me? IT’S NOT OKAY.

Same thing goes for the little one. She is so happy to see me when I pick her up, but depending on my mood it can turn into a struggle to even get her in the car. It all boils down to ME. Am I intentional with her? Am I making sure she knows how much I love her? Am I intentional in allowing her to be a child? I often find myself explaining things to her that I KNOW her 3 year old mind can’t really comprehend. She wants to be a good girl above all things and really she is. When she’s ‘bad’ she really isn’t bad, its my fault for not slowing down and making her the center of my attention. I’m not intentional when it comes to her and I’m going to change that. I love what this post has to say about being intentional with your children..

I dare you… go out, be intentional!

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