Friday, December 28, 2012

Being postivie

I've always been a positive thinker. My glass is always half full... always. It's sometimes hard to see the positive in an icky situation, but if you look hard enough it's there.
Our life has been turned upside down so many times that I'm not really sure which way is up, sounds so corny, but its so true. I've always managed to find the bright side of our situations, by stepping back and trying to look at the big picture, by trying to find a lesson in all of the crud, or by simply having one of my besties tell me to Let go and Let God. The past month has been kind of an icky month. I say this not to try to get sympathy, but because I want to be honest. Obviously December is a hard month for our family because Logan's Angelversary is on the 2nd so everything already has a bit of a gloom around it. But this year I really felt that Christmas spirit come back to me, which was an absolute blessing and helped me through. But then two weeks ago the mister got fired from his job. Totally blindsided him and us. We were just getting used to having two steady incomes, we were a little too frivolous with our money, didn't save as much as we should have and its honestly freaking me out a little. BUT being positive goes a LONG way! The bright side to this situation? My husband has got to spend some great time with Lexi. Some great daddy daughter time. He's getting to finish some projects around the house. He, himself is looking into being more positive, realizing that he is more negative than he'd like to be. Will all these positives help us pay our bills when our reserves run out, no. Will all these positives make our world a brighter place to be, a sanctuary from all the ick that can surround us, YES.
I know that being positive can be hard when you have nothing but negative surrounding you. It's easy to get sucked into the sad face abyss. It's hard to get out of that abyss. But I've always believed that a smile can start you on your road to being positive. Laughter can take you a step closer to climbing out of that hole. Is it going to magically make everything instantly better, probably not, but what have you got to lose? That frown (oh darn). That pessimistic outlook that everything will go wrong (shutter at that thought). They say it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile... I've found the same thing is true with being negative and angry, it takes way more energy to stay negative and angry than it does to simply be happy.

It's your decision... choose positive.

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