Monday, March 16, 2015


Last week little miss priss brought home a paper from school that said she had decided to be helpful by getting herself dressed in the mornings. This has been a huge struggle for us so lets say this all together - hallelujah... HALLELUJAH!

The outfits she has chosen have not been something that I would have picked out, but many many wise mothers have drilled into my head that I need to pick my battles (especially with a kiddo who is super duper headstrong)... anyway, getting back to the outfits I mean seriously, stripes and polka dots and all colors of the rainbow in one outfit, admittedly it makes me cringe, but then I stop - Looking at her she is radiant, not from her clothes but the confidence that she is exuding, from within. Its almost a confidence you can feel and taste - she is who she is, without question, hesitation or apology. Its awe inspiring and to stop and realize that it is coming from a 5 year old just BLOWS ME AWAY.

I'm thankful beyond words that she has this confidence. I'm thankful that she doesn't have a fear of judgement. I know that the years where she will second guess herself are coming. Creeping into her happy, carefree, confident spirit. I just hope and pray that those times when she does second guess herself, she chooses to be happy with who she is. I hope and pray that her confidence stays in moments of tough decision making, in moments of peer pressure and in moments when she is 15, staring in the mirror wondering if she is enough.

Baby girl, just remember that you are so special to so many people - The people who mind don't matter and the people who matter don't mind - Be yourself in everything you do.

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