Thursday, May 14, 2015

Never let me forget

Today is the mister and I's anniversary. 11 years married. Seems almost like yesterday and fifty years ago at the same time. Anniversaries, birthdays, new babies, the passing of loved ones always makes me feel like reminiscing.

I've had a pretty great life, thus far... God willing I'll have a ton more to live, but I feel fulfilled when I look back. But I'm afraid I'm missing things. Like I've forgot some great memories that could help keep my reminiscing cup overflowing. So today, I'm going to start off a list of "never let me forget"s... to serve as reminders of great moments.

Never Let me Forget

What it feels like to lay in bed being the meat of a Heather sandwich. The mister on one side and Miss Lexi on the other. I may be sweating, but I'm surrounded by LOVE.

What my dad's voice sounds like when he's telling a story about when he grew up. How is eyes crinkle when he smiles and his laugh resonates through the house.

How my sister, Laura, and I can laugh at the same thing over and over again, half of it is because we are usually so sleep deprived we are giggly messes and the other part is that we have the same sense of humor.

How our neighbor, Mister Ed, is always more than happy to cut off all the blooms on his roses just to see Lexi smile.

How the excitement of a camping trip makes me feel like I'm 10 years old again.

That last night, I sat on the couch with the mister and we told each other Happy Anniversary, just in case we forgot today and we both laughed at how our expectations for our marriage have changed so drastically in 11 years.H- "Oh by the way, I didn't get you anything." J-"Yeah, me neither... But if you want something I'll go get it." H-"Nope... because then I'll feel guilty" J-" So,Happy early Anniversary" H-"You too."

There will be more of these. Serving as reminders that life is a roller coaster and we need to celebrate what we can, when we can.

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