Saturday, November 7, 2015

Making Room

We were driving down the road the other day and Lexi pointed out all the birds on the power lines, there had to be at least a hundred just perched on the lines as content as can be. Surrounding them were probably 10-15 more birds flying around, and when one of them needed to land all the other birds perched on the lines would scoot over. They would make room for that bird who needed to rest. Lexi thought that was the coolest thing and said "Mommy those birds are being so nice and thoughtful scooting over for the other birdies!"

Why can't we all be like these birds? Why can't we all scoot over, just a little, to make room for those around us who need to rest?

I fear we are too hard and callous and self absorbed to not even notice when someone appears to need some time just resting.

 My challenge to you today is to slow down. Notice others. Listen, not only with your ears, but with your heart. Pay attention to not only the words they are saying, but the words they aren't saying, look at their body language and if YOU feel like something isn't quite right... offer them some rest. Offer to be that sounding board they may need, offer a hug, offer some coffee, let them know that if they need a safe place to rest, you will happily scoot over and share what you have.

Let's take a lesson from the birds and scoot over and make room for others...


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