Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Faith in others

There are so many days where I am amazed by people.. in a good way.Throughout this entire process of losing Logan, connecting with other babyloss moms, realizing that forming The Logan Clear Foundation was a calling from above and something I feel must happen for me and the Kansas city metro to putting on A Walk to Remember it has been so amazing how open and receptive people have been. How many people want to do help in anyway they can. It really helps to get me through the day. Even right after we lost Logan that was one of the resounding things that Johnny commented on, people were supportive from the very beginning.. giving  of themselves and reminding us that the world is really a good place.

I don't know that this blog is really even read but I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has helped us, supported us, allowed us to vent, allowed us to cry, to be angry... You never expected us to feel a certain way.. we love you.

The Clears

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