Thursday, May 23, 2013

Return to Zero - Local Leader

So... in my quest to do all that I can to raise awareness of pregnancy loss I've become a local leader for the movie Return to Zero. Now, it's not something that I was awarded to do, so I certainly do not deserve any credit... anyone can do it, EVEN YOU!
This is the form that you can use to become a local leader.

Basically as a local leader you pledge to raise awareness of the movie and get others to pledge to see the film on its opening weekend. An opening weekend hasn't been determined yet, and really is hinged upon the proof of an audience. The ultimate goal is to get 150,000 people pledged to see this movie on opening weekend. With this number of pledges the producers of the movie can prove to the powers that be that this film has an audience, that this story is one that needs to be told.

Wait, you've not heard about the movie Return to Zero? Watch this...  Now you know exactly why this is so precious to my heart.

I'm so excited that a movie of this kind has been produced. I'm hoping and praying that this movie is released in theatres. Hopefully by allowing the entire world to see inside of a different world, a world that involves heartache and loss... a world that unfortunately 1 in 4 women live, EVERY DAY!

If you don't want to become a local leader in your area, that is totally fine. Use this form
and indicate that I am your local leader.

I don't have all the information yet, but on the Return to Zero site they do have a pretty great Q&A

I know that I've said this before and it may sound odd to hear... but I feel so very blessed to be a part of this community. Would I change the fact that I know what this baby loss community is all about? Absolutely... but the fact is, I can't. I can choose to look at the fact that our baby boy is watching down on us and I feel that he would be proud of what we are doing, with the resources we have; connecting with others in this community and trying so hard to break the silence. Trying so hard to make sure that others don't ever have to grieve alone, in silence.

Its a small thing to pledge... but it means the world to this community that has to tiptoe around their pain because its easier for others. It means being able to say openly and honestly that I lost a child, I was seven months pregnant when we discovered that his heart was not beating. I delivered him, the exact same way I did our living daughter... only we didn't hear a sound from him... he didn't open his eyes, he didn't grab our fingers, he was born still. He silently entered this world and until the day I die he will be the reason I am not silent.

With love, and hope and appreciation,


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