Monday, June 3, 2013

Todays lesson

Sometimes everything is fine.
Sometimes you feel that your grip is loosening from everything you've tried so hard to keep together.
Sometimes a blog post, a Facebook status, a Pinterest pin can make you remember things you would rather not. Sometimes that same post can make you cherish the things in your world... imperfecrly perfect. Scraped, bruised and scarred feeling blessed to be traveling this journey.  Feeling at times that you are the only one that's ever been on that journey, traveling where no one else has traveled and then seeing a partial footprint on the road in front of you,  dust on the horizon or maybe even a shadow in front of, next to or even behind you. A glimpse and reminder that you are NEVER alone.
I know that my life is not what I planned and I'm thankful that it isn't.  I'm thankful that the road that I'm traveling my be mine and mine alone, but I know that it intersects with others roads. I know that it travels parallel to others and when I'm in a valley those traveling on mountains can reach down and give me a helping hand up.
Lesson for today.... know that you are not traveling the bumpy road alone. You are given traveling companions... these companions come in many different shapes and sizes; just know that they are there for a reason.  They may need you as much as you need them.

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