Friday, October 17, 2014

The veiw

Have you ever had moments that felt huge? Like so big that you can't see anything around, but that "thing" in front of you? Good or bad you just KNOW that this is life altering. Fast forward a couple of days, weeks or months later and it turns out that huge, monsterously big life altering thing wasn't really that big, or it didn't go exactly like you had planned. Are you dissapointed? Maybe.. Are you releived? Maybe.. Is your life continuing to move with or without this moment? ABSOLUTELY! I've had some big huge monsterous things turn out to be little bumps in my road... Things that I thought would 'change my life forever' turn into a 'I think I remember when'... and you know what, my world is okay, my world is happy, my world is filled to the brim and overflowing with wonderful things that I wish everyone got to share in. What I'm getting at is, no matter how huge you think something is, how life altering a decision/choice/action or reaction might be, your life keeps moving. Those mountains of moments might end up to be little hills. I'm not saying that some moments aren't life changing and life altering. But when you do have those HUGE moments, you'll be able to look from on top of that mountatin and realize that those other 'hills' prepared you for this mountain. Stay strong through the hills, stay strong moving up that mountain... the veiw from the top is worth every step!

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