Monday, October 27, 2014

Unsaid Words

I have this person in my life who has words that have been unsaid for such a long time. Its a struggle to say them. But I imagine its an even bigger struggle to hold on to them for such a long time. These words, that haven't been said, are BIG, HUGE, IMPORTANT words. Words that can heal hurts and shatter hearts at the same time. Behind these words are feelings that I can't even imagine feeling. It makes me so sad that some feel like these feelings and words shouldn't be said/felt. I was brought up in a great household. My parents are still married and exude the kind of love and happiness I can only stive for. I was taught that words are important, but feelings are everything. I don't understand not sharing big, huge, important things that have molded me into the person that is standing (typing) in front of you. I feel inadequate in this area, I can't relate. My question, how do I encourage this person to say these words? How do I encourage this person and make sure they know that I'm here for them? Is just being there enough? Do I try to give advice? Should I back away until this 'fight' is over? I mean, this is not an area I know much about.... I see these things on Pinterest that say, "Be kind, everyone is going through a battle of their own." What I'd really like to see is something that gives instructions on the right way to be kind, and maybe instructions on how to help others in their battles. Do you have unsaid words? Why are you keeping them? Are they too hard to speak? Do you feel like you won't be heard? How long have you kept these unsaid words? How have they changed you? If you want an ear, I'm here. Your words are important. Your feelings are important. YOU ARE IMPORTANT.

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