Thursday, August 27, 2015

Never let me forget - Frozen addition

Today Lexi and I went on a surprise mommy daughter date with friends. We went and say Frozen on Ice. Neither of the girls knew where we were going until we walked into the Sprint Center. IT WAS AMAZING!!

Never let me forget the look of wonderment on Lexi's face when the snow started to fall.

Never let me forget Lexi dancing and singing along with nearly every song.

Never let me forget the giggles from the back of the car on the way to and from Frozen.

Never let me forget that Lexi wanted to buy a best friends necklace and gave me the other half of the heart.

Never let me forget that she got a little upset when I told her that she wasn't going to school -- she wanted to go to gym class.

Never let me forget about a friend that has stuck by my side even when it was really hard, she accepted an apology that was extremely overdue and is continually putting so much effort into our friendship -- and I get to do this Mom thing with her.

Off to put Miss Lexi to sleep after a very full day!

What are things that you never want to forget?

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