Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Birthday party and a walk

This weekend we had an incredibly full, busy weekend. The weekend was also full of LOVE!

On Saturday we celebrated Lexi’s birthday. she turned 2 on Sunday. My friend Jen made her these adorable cupcakes and a larger bouquet.. They were awesome!. DSCN4429

If you like what you see and you want Jen to do some cakes for you visit her website here.

Here are a few pictures of the birthday girl



After Lexi’s party on Saturday. We put on A Walk to Remember on Saturday. It was an AMAZING day! So many new friends, so many lives touched. I’ve had so many people email me, request me on facebook. It was the first annual… next years walk will be bigger and better. We have already started planning with more idea. Here are a couple pictures from the day.


till next time folks

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