Thursday, September 25, 2014

Frozen in time

While on a walk last night I noticed a leaf stuck in a spider web. If I had not looked closer it would have looked like this leaf, in all its perfect golden orange color was frozen on its fall towards the ground. It got me thinking about what I would see in my world if everything was frozen right where it was, how it was, in all of its messy chaotic beautifulness. I would see my daughter sitting on her bedroom floor putting together puzzles. I would see that she is concentrating hard on this one puzzle piece that could fit two different places but this piece has part of a bow on it that will match perfectly with Minnie's outfit. I'll see that she is wearing a pair of my old high heels. Her hair is in a high pony tail. and she is chewing gum... what I would hope that I wouldn't have in focus is that her room is an absolute mess - there are toys and dress up clothes and barbies strewn all about. I would hope that I wouldn't focus on the fact that one of the shoes she has on is missing the bow. I would hope that I would not focus on the bumbps in her high pony tail or that she really needs her bangs cut. I would see my house, the beautiful landscaping, the warm and inviting livingroom that we spend so much time in. The patio door that I love so much that the Mister put in last year and all the wonderful sunlight it lets into the kitchen. I would hope my focus wouldn't be on the dirt and dog hair that I missed while sweeping, the dishes in the sink needing to be loaded into the dishwasher, the landscaping that is unfinished or not up to what I want it to be or the back yard that has wood in it from the tree we cut down this last spring. I would hope that if my world were frozen in time I would see all the glorious things that I am surrounded by. I would hope that the mess that creates these glorious things wouldn't cloud my view from the beauty. I have always been a believer in having a positive perception on the world. I believe that with this perception a person would be able to prosper and be triumphant in times of struggle and hardship. My challenge to you today is to take stock in what your world would look like frozen. Would you see the beauty or would you see the mess... I hope we can all find the beauty within the mess.

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