Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The creepy crawly L word...

About a month ago Lexi and I had to deal with the L word... nope, not love... LICE! I have no idea where she got it as all of our friends kiddos were free and clear of the little buggers, but sure enough, she had them... and then gave them to me! She was scratching her head for a couple of days and kept complaining that her head itched... Its summer so I'm gonna be honest here, sometimes baths are the same as playing in the sprinkler or playing in the pool! So, off to the bath I sent her to scrub her down, thinking that maybe she just had a build up of chlorine... Still itchy? YEP! I put her head in my lap and pull her hair up and Woah, bugs!! I had visions of that little comb and wrestling with Lexi to have her sit still long enough for me to comb every single piece of her hair, lets just say there was crying and screaming and some bad words in these visions. Off to Pinterest I went to find another alternative to getting rid of these things. I really didn't want to do much chemicals on miss Lexi's head and honestly, my head was itching and I figured I should find something we could use that we already had around the house. I found a couple of different solutions, Mayo on the head, Vinegar on the head, mouthwash on the head, coconut oil on the head. Some of these sounded like they had some potential! Cheap, things I already had on hand and from what I was reading, not a lot of combing!! I did a combination of a couple of the things I found online. Coconut oil and Listerine. The coconut oil is supposed to suffocate the bugs and break down the outer shell of the eggs. The Listerine is suppose to kill both the bugs and the eggs since the coconut oil broke down the outer shell. First, I put coconut oil all over the hair and scalp, like really doused it and rubbed it in, I then put on a shower cap and let that sit for half a day. Word of warning though, the coconut oil goes from solid to liquid with body heat, so make sure to tuck some papertowels under the shower cap to keep all the oil from dripping down necks and foreheads (the husbands reclining chair wishes I would have thought about that before). After letting the oil sit for a good 4 hours, I ran the comb through her hair and was able to get bugs and nits out of her hair, it was pretty easy because the oil made it slick. Then, we washed her hair with dawn soap. It feels weird and almost gritty trying to get the oil out, but do the best you can. Then, I put Listerine in her hair, I soaked her hair in it, left it pretty drippy and then put the shower cap back on. Again, use the paper towels to catch the drippyness that can happen. I let that sit on her hair for another 4 hours, combed and washed with dawn and then regular shampoo and conditioner. With the conditioner in her hair I combed again, let me just say that my combing was not intricate or very detailed, not section by section like you are supposed to. I didn't get anything out with that last combing! I did the whole regimen again two days later with no bugs or nits to report and I can gladly say that they didn't come back! I'm pretty sure this was the easiest way to get rid of Lice I have ever heard of. I can guarantee you, if our house is ever infested with them again, this is the way we are going! And now I have to stop writing about them, because my head itches!!

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