Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Finding your place

You hear all the time about finding your place in the world. I've always thought that when you reach this place that you'd know. Deep down in some secret place you would feel calm with everything and KNOW that you had made it.

I don't know that I've ever really 'found my place' in this world - should I be worried? I have a very strong belief that I have discovered, by way of heartbreak, part of my purpose in this world, but deep down I don't feel like its my only purpose or where my 'place' is.

That got me thinking - what if that 'place' is a constant moving target? What if one day you can feel all settled, warm and cozy knowing you've found it and the next day its gone? I would be beyond depressed! Because I mean, I WAS THERE!!! But, what if each step we take leads us closer or maybe further from where our current place should be? How scary, yet how exciting?!

I think that striving to always be at the top of your game and finding your place is great motivation... I just wonder if the constant running towards what we think is our place is really keeping us from living in the brief moments when where we and where our 'place' is are the exact same spot.

We move around this world at lightening speed, going from meeting to meeting, activity to activity, putting focus on things that possibly aren't all that important. We are rarely slowing down to take a breather and take stock in ourselves. Figuring out where my place in this world is hard work, exhausting at times and exhilarating at others and I hope, sometimes that I can slow down enough to feel that for a moment I am standing in the same spot as my 'place' is.


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