Thursday, September 11, 2014


There is this moss in the concrete that I step over every day on my way into the office where I work. I love this moss. Its lush and deep green and healthy. One might even venture to say that this moss is thriving. its a daily reminder to me as I walk in the building every morning - still tired from the lack of sleep that I'm sure every parent has.. From the overwhelming self pressures of my house isn't clean, I have a pile of laundry that I need to do, I don't talk to my family enough, I haven't made enough time for my friends and loved ones, I know that I'm lacking in the mommy-ing department as well as the wife department - need I go on? But this reminder is that no matter how hard things get, no matter how stuck you feel in this crevace, no matter how many times you've been stepped on, no matter how many times icky dirty water has been splashed on you, that you can still grow. This moss gives me hope. Hope, that no matter what life throws at me that I'll continue to grow. That i won't let the hard things in life hold me back. The moss grew in the cracks of a sidewalk - lush healthy, thriving beautiful moss growing with nothing but hard non forgiving concrete all around it. I've got a lot of concrete in my life, I think we all do. Those hard things that no matter how many times or how many ways you've thought or tried to, the hard stuff just won't move. Why not take a different approach, the moss approach? Grow around the hard stuff. Grow in between the cracks of that hard stuff. I bet, one day looking back, we'll be able to see that maybe, just maybe that hard stuff gave us stability instead of making us weaker, maybe it gave us the ability to hold up to other hard things. So, tomorrow, when the hard stuff seems unmoveable and the pressures from the world feel like they are about to crush you, try to find the cracks that you can grow in. Find the areas that you can thrive in. Know that the hard stuff has a purpose.



Deanna said...

You continue to amaze me with your wisdom and kind heart. You have the gift to reach inside yourself and find a way to see light where others would surly drowned in darkness. I love you so much and wish the whole world could read this!!!

Meirion Comynmeier said...

This was the first thing I read this morning. Subsequently, I climbed back into bed and read it to my husband. Hard things do have a purpose. Like the concrete, hard things can last for a long while. Like the moss, we can find a way to live and thrive. Good read!