Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Don't let me forget

I never want to forget some of the amazing things that are happening in the world of our little girl.
Lexi is 3 and almost 1/2 years old. She has this ability to make you laugh and make you angry all in about 5 seconds!

She argues about most things, unless it's her idea (true girl!).
This morning as I was getting ready for work she stumbles into the bathroom, climbs on top of the toilet base and tells me that these (her eye lashes) are her eye brows. So, I so "Nope, bug, those are your" and she interrupts me with a growl and says "NO MOM, these are my eye brows" so I finally get to tell her that those are her eye lashes and the ones above those are her eye brows.. again, a growl with an argument, but as I finish blow drying my hair she says with total conviction that 'these( her eyebrows) are her eyebrows, duh, I told you mom!' Really?!?! She's only three!!

Some of her favorite things to say are:
Lasterday (for anything that happened in the past) "Lasterday was my Birthday."
Saturday is by far her favorite day of the week to talk about, EVERYTHING is on Saturday. "Jillian's birthday is on Saturday" "Balentine's (Valentine's) is on Saturday, Mommy?"
I just fine.- This is one that she says quite a bit when she's being told to not do something or stop doing something. She also uses this for when we are getting on the dog, "Mom, Daisy's just fine"

She is really into cuddling right now. I don't mind that one, but it's hard to sit on a couch all day long and watch Disney movies when you've got dishes and laundry to do, sweeping, mopping all of the household chores. I'm trying to make a better effort of sitting down and cuddling with her. I try to remember that she is only this age once, I better embrace it!   

Also, another thing we've talked about a little is her baby brother Logan. She kept talking about her sisters. I have always corrected her and told her that she doesn't have sisters, but she has a baby brother Logan. She had never really questioned it until this last month. So, I explained that Logan was in mommys tummy and he died and went to heaven. Instantly, her eyes got huge and was like "aaaahhhhggg Mommy I told you don't eat my baby brother Logan." Wow, what did I get myself into. So I tried to explain that babys grow in mommys tummys before they crawl and walk and talk and that I didn't eat her baby brother Logan. I'm not sure that it really got through but she kind of dropped the subject. The next day I'm getting ready for work and she says, "Mommy, I no have sisters I have a brother Logan?" So I say yes and I ask her where he is, 'your tummy!!" oh geeze, the rumors that could get started!! So, I again sit down and explain to her that Logan isn't in my tummy anymore that he was born and he went to Heaven. She walked away and again I thought the subject was dropped. She then walks into my room with her rain boots on and asks if her lady bug boots are okay for Heaven. What do you say to that????!?!?!? I simply told her she could wear whatever she wanted to Heaven but to please wait for a long long time... I know that we will have MANY more conversations about Logan and him being in Heaven.. I just hope I'm better prepared for that!!

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