Monday, March 4, 2013

Closure with a constant reminder

This weekend the mister and I finally got tatoos to memorialize Logan. We have talked about getting these tattoos really since Logan died, we knew that he was a part of us and we wanted to have a constant reminder, a symbol, of him being close to us.

Mine is Logan's foot prints in a heart with wings. I'm in LOVE! (please excuse the flab... :) )
Johnny's is a celtic cross, filled with fathers knots with Logan's name and his angelversary date.

It was a great experience. I was so nervous because I went by myself. Johnny was supposed to be there with me, however they called after Lexi had gone to sleep and there was NO way we were going to wake her up. It feels, now, like it was supposed to be just me. A time for me to reflect, to tell Logan's story to a person who I have no connections to. To relive the pain, but also reflect on the many blessing Logan has created. While he (Joel)  was doing my tattoo he made a comment that stuck with me. "Sometimes the easiest way to have closure is to have a constant reminder." EXACTLY!

Stay strong in those moments of weakness, you never know what lesson  you are learning, but rest assured there is a lesson there.

Have you ever done something to help with closure that is a constant reminder? I'd love to hear about it!

(Oh the tatoo place that we did these at is call Aftershock Tatto in Olathe, Ks. Joel Jenkins did these tattoos for us and even if he never finds out that I've posted this, he deserves the biggest shout out, he did these tattoos with such grace and kindness that it blew both Johnny and I away)

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