Friday, March 1, 2013

old lady

I've found a new addiction! (not to say that I have wrong addictions, dr pepper, peanut butter and pickle sandwiches and starting projects and never really finishing them) I'm crocheting and knitting! I feel like I'm an old lady. While others are out getting drinks and whoopping it up, I'm snuggled at home making scarves! And you know, I'm okay with it! I've always been an old soul, but now I'm really acting like it!
I learned how to finger crochet (yes! with my fingers!!! so super easy)  and how to arm knit from youtube. I think that they are super cute and I've even sold a couple of them! I have been told that I'm just too crafty. Really, I think I'm just way too cheap! I've seen some scarves like the one's I've made for sale on Etsy for $25-$30! Not sure I would pay for it when I could do it myself! I think I might have a different outlook on it if I couldn't make them. I know that some people just aren't capable of doing these things, and that's okay, but I am. Here are a couple of pictures of a couple that I've made!


She is the BEST model!!!

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Deanna said...

I was looking at the pix of you and the scarves thinking to myself, oh that ones cute, great pix Heather, like that color, then I just burst out laughing as I got to the Lexi's picture! LOVE HER!!!